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Welcome to Community Pilates and Exercise!

Hi, I'm Jill, a Level 3 Matwork Pilates instructor and Older Adults qualified instructor.


My passion is helping all ages keep strong and flexible, while maintaining good posture. I offer a range of Pilates classes for all ages in Chesterfield and the surrounding area. 

What is Pilates and who is it for?

Pilates is for everyone, aged 16-106 years! It is recommended if you need to strengthen your abdominals and back; improve stress incontinence, posture and flexibility. Pilates is ideal for runners, dancers, walkers and anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit, leading to increased flexibility and core stability.

The sessions

Community Pilates sessions use a modern approach to give a balanced workout for the whole body. Classes can be adapted for beginners or those with more experience, so everyone can work at the right level for them. I run a class specifically for recovery/rehab following and accident or surgery and for Older Adults standing or using a chair for support, if necessary.


"I enjoy the variety of exercises through the use of different pieces of apparatus and care is taken on how we use it."

Pilates class participant

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